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Welcome to Proven Winners Australia! This site offers a wide variety of plants that have been carefully selected and tested within the Proven Winners Global Network. Proven Winners is the leading plant brand in the world, with a presence in 12 countries across 5 continents. These plants are known for their exceptional genetics, disease resistance, vibrant and long-lasting blooms. The Proven Winners Team is thrilled to provide you with high-quality plants that will enhance your garden and bring beauty to your surroundings.

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Proven Winners, is an internationally renowned marketing cooperative of some of the world's best growers and propagators. Proven Winners partners with the top plant breeders around the WORLD to ensure our varieties are vigorous, healthy, vibrant and unique.

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New plant releases are the life blood of everything we do at Proven Winners and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the lineup of Proven Winners new plants and products for the 2024 season. 


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In this guide we reveal our new releases for 2024, along with growing tips to get the most out of your new plants.

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