Lavender Platinum
Showy flowers in cooler climates • Excellent border plants • Grown for wonderful foliage

Low Spread Garden Landscape

Medium Garden Landscape

Sun Lover

Planted for their blooming in late winter into spring the fields of flowers are so showy. Breeding over many years since Lavenders were first used in landscapes and then the selection of superior forms like the Platinums gave us top varieties for gardens. In many parts of the world the flower heads are harvested for their oils, perfumery uses and soaps and used as floral arrangements and harvested for dried bunches for sales in the dry floral industry.
Lavandula angustifolia ‘Platinum Blonde’ is bred from one of the many sub-forms of angustifolia. It was selected because of its dominant variegated foliage, the cream margins stand out particularly in cooler climates. Flower spikes are in the typical Lavender style and shape.
Lavendula X intermedia ‘Pure Platinum’ is selected from breeding progeny of Intermedia. Intermedia is the result of breeding L. angustifolia with L. latifolia (Both are native to Mediterranean regions). Flowers are the typical spikes appearing in late winter into spring.