Fuchsias Shadow Dancer
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Shadow DancerFuchsias are a new generation of hybrid Fuchsias that have been bred to be more sun and heat tolerant than the Fuchsias of yesteryear, while still retaining the characteristically charming flowers of these popular plants.
Masses of tear drop shaped flowers with rose red sepals and a violet corolla. Spectacular deep rich flowers create a stunning display for pots and containers. A long bloomer ideal for patios and courtyards. Spreading and trailing 25 cm x 25 cm.
Traditional fuchsia flowers, teardrop earring shaped with cherry red sepals and a rich violet corolla. These are borne above the small-leafed foliage from mid winter until early summer. Compact and upright plant growing to 25x25cm.
Flowers are tear drop earring shape. Sepals-rose red; petals-purple.
Blush white sepals and apricot to orange corolla will provide a stunning display of colour from mid winter to well into summer. In the right conditions it will go on flowering up until Christmas. It is a more upright grower than others in the series, growing to 30x25cm and has slightly larger leaves.
Delicate and beautiful soft pink. Mases of flowers cover the bush and the pink tear drop earring shaped flowers give a Spring feel. Rosella is an ideal plant for patios, courtyards, pots and well drained gardens.
Typical fuchsia shaped flowers in great numbers from mid winter until November. Flowers have pillar box red sepals and white corolla petals and are held well above the foliage. This spreading and trailing variety is well suited to hanging baskets and squat containers.
Flowers are tear drop shape. Sepals-palest pink; petals-dark violet.
Flowers are tear drop shape. Sepals-apricot pink; petals-(full double) pale pink.