Leucanthemum Shasta Daisies
Spring and summer flowering • Long lasting cut flower • Perennial Shasta Daisy

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Low Upright Garden Landscape

Sun Lover

Leucanthemum are commonly known as Shasta Daisies, and are extensively used in mixed borders and as cut flowers. Plants need to be planted in a full sun position and are heat tolerant. Once established and mulched they require little extra watering in most soils.
A large flowering Shasta Daisy. The colour is a vibrant white with a distinct yellow centre. Flowers are held on strong stems well above the foliage.
The large daisy flowers of Little Angel are white with a gold centre and are borne in large numbers over the late winter, spring and summer. Little Angel is recommended for its long blooming period, ease of growing and heat tolerance. Plant in a full sun position. As a swathe across the garden or grown in containers to move around as desired one will do well with the good old Shasta daisy in it’s newest form, Little Angel.