Petrea 'Snow Stars'
Semi-Tropical vine • Compact • Easily maintained

Tall Garden Landscape

Petrea, commonly called Queen’s Wreath and the Sand Paper plants are beautiful members of this family. Petra volubilis is well known to gardeners in sub-tropical and tropical gardens. ‘Snow Stars’, this rare white form grows to around 3metres if not pruned. It will grow dome shaped if free standing but if allowed to climb a trellis of a small tree will scramble higher.
Petrea ‘Snow Stars’ is a member of one of the most beautiful of semi-tropical to tropical vines. Native from Mexico to Central America and slow growing ‘Snow Stars’ will attain 2.5metres over several years and is easily maintained in a compact form not really needing a trellis. Petrea ‘Snow Stars’ is rare in cultivation, harder to propagate which has caused the demand. Petreas are commonly called Sand Paper Plants because the leaves are rough like sand paper.