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The golden-yellow blooms of this new form of Bidens ferulifolia are far larger than earlier varieties and their cheery colour will brighten up any garden situation. Flair has also been selected for its compact habit, long flowering period and ability to flower into warmer weather.
‘Campfire’ gives us the colour break gardeners have asked for since the first introductions. The orange flowers of ‘Campfire’ are borne in profusion from autumn through winter and spring tapering off when the hot days of summer arrive. In cooler areas they will perform best in the warmer months. ‘Campfire’ is ideal for planting in areas of the garden that are to the front of the garden beds where a mass planting will look stunning with little effort. Used where pathways need some covering fillers and spilling over walls are perfect situations for a planting. They flower early in life so make a show from just a few weeks after planting.
Semi double golden flowers.
Another superb addition to the Bidens range is ‘Mini Bee’. With its superb flower colour in the bronzes and golds on a compact, shorter bush. Highly recommended.
The selected hybrid, Bidens ‘Rockstar’ of the Asteraceae family has flowers twice the size of any previous Biden’s varieties on the market so makes a real splash of gold in your garden or in baskets and pots. The bright yellow flowers are borne in profusion all through the season. In warmer areas they flower right through the winter and continue flowering all through the year. They give a distinct splash of brilliant golden colour amongst other plantings of smaller shrubs and flower borders. They do best growing in full sun.